Waevio is a time network that enables users to connect and share moments which have happened before with moments which are happening now. Time is a central concept in our lives as well as the entire world yet it has been missing, amazingly, from the information civilization we live in.

Information warehouse

There is a torrent of information from a countless number of sources everywhere coming at us every second, yet the world we live in is about now, after few minutes the posts, tweets, results, news, headlines drop below the fold, forgotten and buried deep likely never to be seen again.


The tsunami of headlines every day seemingly is completely oblivious to events which have just happened few days ago. Screaming headlines from yesterday are gone and lost, with no inkling why they were there in the first place, why they have suddenly dissapeared and what has become of them. There is apparently no meaning in this deafening chaos and one feels hopelessly lost trying to make some sense out of it.

Time Graph

Waevio is about showing YOU, our users, that this is just an illusion, that there is a great deal of structure and sense which surfaces when placed within great contexts of Time. Our goal is to show, together with you, our great users, that there is sense and meaning coming from connections and hidden structure that may have not been obvious before but are now.

Web of time

We are going to show you that the sense and structure are part of the Time Graph, a new great network of time. Think of it as Web of Time.